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Raffel Systems is dedicated to make your business more valuable.  Raffel Systems creates the ability for your business to grow quickly and efficiently.  Raffel Systems has been creating solid proven applications for business for over 20 years.  Raffel Systems listens to you to fully understand your process needs and build applications that fit your business.

Creative internet enabled applications that work on your computer desktop, WEB or any mobile platforms; I-phone, I-pad, Android.  Any device that supports a WEB browser will run your innovative Raffel Systems application.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!  Raffel Systems innovative solutions use the latest development tools using old school techniques to build solid applications.  Contact Raffel Systems to discuss your needs today!

Apple, Inc., McClendon's Select produce spotlight using Raffel Systems software.
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 Raffel Systems solutions...
The Grower/Distributor Solution
COPIOUS is a proven invoice, inventory and customer management system that is designed around your business.  This state-of-the art computer software developed specifically for the produce and agriculture industry can be custom fitted to your business needs.  COPIOUS consists of various modules which, when combined, create an integrated easy-to-use solution.  COPIOUS is a proven solution at a competitive price that will streamline your business.

Enhanced Card Processing

Wash, fuel and maintenance transaction processing for GSA Cross Service vendors.  The federal government choose Raffel Systems technology to help streamline the business needs of the GSA.

Flagship Fleet Management
Premiere Fleet Management Tools

Flagship provides premier solutions for operating/maintaining a safe and cost effective fleet of vehicles/equipment.  Flagship solves many of the process problems that are unique to fleet management.  Flagship provides specific summary and detail information needed to manage the bottom line and simultaneously provide the best service possible to your customers.

Real Estate Receivables
Real-estate sales receivables and payables.

Turn mundane accounting into serious marketing metrics.  Graphically show how each division compares against the other.  Motivate your sales force simply by showing them at the end of the month how everyone stands, quickly and accurately.  Automate the entire closing/billing/payable process for commercial real estate transactions.  Real-estate Receivables was created specifically to bridge the gap where standard accounting systems leave off. 

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