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Fuel, maintenance and wash transaction processing for GSA Cross Service vendors.

Telestream is available to process GSA cross service transactions free of charge to participating cross service vendors.  Simple Software Solutions will process transactions directly from your fuel system, maintenance system, manually entered spreadsheet or the Telestream application.  Transactions do not require a card number to process, only a valid GSA tag or license number.  Transactions can be processed directly from your current fuel system, wash rack controller or fleet maintenance system.  Raffel system can create a custom data interface free of charge if needed to get you reimbursed.

Telestream Contacts


GSA Fleet Management: Jenny Kane (509) 353-2544
GSA Fleet Management: Jenna Mae Crowson (509) 353-2326
General Services Administration
Merchant Services: Tom Rajan (832) 486-1190
Processing Support: Stacey Ramirez (866) 842-5608

Voyager Fleet System, Inc.

Merchant Services: Dan Bancalari (207) 523-7064
GSA Merchant Support: Katrina Crawford (207) 523-7064
Wright Express, Inc.


Send Telestream submissions to:


Telestream Downloads


Transaction Submission Format (Excel)


Wright Express Product Codes


Wright Express Introduction Letter

WEX Letter.pdf


The Telestream application.


User guide for the Telestream application.

telestream user guide.pdf

System requirements for a full Telestream installation.

telestream requirements.pdf

Import specifications for importing data directly form fueling and maintenance systems.

telestream import spec.pdf

Middleware application that converts GASBOY data into a format that can be read by Telestream

telestream gasboy conversion.exe

User guide for using the GASBOY middleware.

telestream gasboy conversion.pdf

Telestream is designed with Microsoft Access.  If you do not have MS Access 2000 or later you will need to install the runtime emulator.  Un-zip this data to a directory and run setup.exe to install the emulator.


To view documentation requires free Adobe reader.

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